Term Conditions Page

Terms and conditions of transactions on Pi81 Shopping Mall.

Below, we build the rules according to the platform's current stage of development:

  • Restrictions on early trading:

Before merchants are familiar with the PI81 Shopping Mall platform and related transaction procedures, cross-border transactions will be prohibited in the initial stage. Users can only purchase products shipped from their home country.

About Pi price: PI81 Shopping Mall does not participate in the transaction, so the platform will not set a price for Pi, the price of Pi will be decided by the seller. During the attached mainnet phase, it is not allowed to exchange fiat currency and other cryptocurrencies on the PI81 Shopping Mall platform.

Prohibited Content: gory violence, terrorist organizations, religious propaganda, weapons and firearms, pornography, drugs, advertising, political speech, personal attacks, content slanderous, malicious content attacking the PI81 Shopping Mall platform, content that deceives users, exchange of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, content that violates the laws and regulations of each country. If a seller's product is related to the content listed above, that person's account will be locked.

  • About exchange:

When the seller receives a new order, please check if the buyer's address is within the shipping range, If the seller cannot ship the goods, please cancel the order within 24 hours.

  1. If the seller does not press the "confirm order" button for a new order within 24 hours, the system will automatically cancel the order after the 24-hour countdown.
  2. If the automatic order is canceled more than 3 times by the system, the related product will be automatically hidden from the platform.
  3. If the seller can ship the goods, please press the “confirm order” button within 24 hours, then confirm the “shipping” within 72 hours and also provide, and track information throughout the process. delivery.
  4. If the order does not require a delivery service (like virtual goods), the seller can choose: the option “no delivery required” when he confirms the delivery of the goods on the platform.
  5. If the seller does not confirm "shipping" within 72 hours, the system will automatically cancel the order, the Pi will be refunded to the buyer's PSM wallet. If more than 3 times the seller does not confirm "shipping", the system will delete all of the seller's products and ban this seller from releasing new products for one month.
  • About after-sale service:
  1. The seller should clearly state in the product description whether or not they provide after-sales service or detailed instructions after the sale. If the buyer receives the product and discovers a defect, he or she can request after-sales service, such as return or exchange of the product, etc. before pressing the “confirm shipment” button.
  2. If a buyer finds a problem with the product after hitting the “confirm shipping” button on the platform, they will need to negotiate with the seller on how to resolve it themselves. After the buyer confirms the receipt of the goods on the platform, the service for the order will be terminated and the transaction information will be permanently recorded in the Pi blockchain, the After-sales function will cease to work.
  • PI81 Shopping Mall transaction fee allocation plan:
  1. 10% will be used for ambassador mechanism rewards.
  2. 20% will be used for PI81 Shopping Mall operating centers in different countries.
  3. 20% will be used for early contributions to the Pi business, such as contributions to the transaction fee pool.
  4. 50% will be used for platform operation and server maintenance.

After the official operation, we can make appropriate adjustments based on the actual situation.

The transaction fee will not be charged before it is determined.

1. Ambassador Medal is a reward given by PI81 Shopping Mall to Pi pioneers who advocate building the Pi ecosystem! Ambassador medals and ambassador benefits are permanent, but we may stop issuing the ambassador medal for an appropriate period of time. Ambassadors can only get commission rewards after the user is successfully invited to sell goods or services.

The ambassador reward is 10% of the platform's transaction fee, but the ambassador can only get the reward after the user is invited to sell

2. PI81 Shopping Mall is a global platform, we have established operation centers in many regions to provide better service to Pioneers worldwide. We will also provide warehousing services to professional merchants in many regions of the world in the future.

3. In the first phase, we will give 20% of the exchange benefits to Pi business.

When the mainnet arrives, all currently released test products will be dropped.

We will provide 24/7 customer service on the PI81 Shopping Mall platform, service members come from the operation centers of different countries.