Merchant Policy Pages

How to selling on Pi81?

You are a pioneer to join the Pi network, you want to become a supplier of exchange goods with the digital currency Pi. You have a great idea for your business, for your product and you want to become a product supplier to buyers in your country. Pi81 is the foundation for you to start your business!

Before you start

To start becoming a seller on our platform. You need a specific business plan in your country. You know the monetary value of Pi, you want to increase the value of Pi with pioneers around the world. Selling your goods will earn you more precious Pi currency to your Pi wallet. Pi81 currently supports a free sales plan for you to start your business. But you can sign up for a higher sales plan to fit your long-term business plan. Check out the sales packages on our platform!

Become a merchant!

If you understand the importance of starting your business on our platform. You want to contribute to the global Pi economy. Start your registration as a merchant at Pi81.

Create merchant account on Pi81 Mall

On our platform, different client and merchant account registration. Want to register a merchant account, please register here! Pioneers worldwide (excluding countries restricted by Pi Network) are eligible to apply as merchants on the Pi81 platform with the following conditions:- Your email address is commonly used and authenticated on Pi Network.

  • Authenticated phone number or mobile number on Pi Network.
  • Your full name and surname match the documents on your citizen ID, driver's license or Passport ID.
  • Your residential address matches your ID.
  • Logo of your store or company.
  • Business address of your store or company.
  • Your tax papers or business license.
  • Information about your Pi Network account: ID, Pi Wallet Address,... for you to receive payments from the sale of goods.

Merchant Dashboard

Once registered as a merchant, Pi81 will review and approve your application. You will be provided with a "sales dashboard" - Where you log in to track sales on the Pi81 platform. You can manage inventory, update pricing, communicate with buyers, review account status, contact sales partner support, and add new products.

Add your product

What can you sell on the Pi81? It depends on the product, category and brand.


Detailed product list

To start selling a product on your store at the Pi81 home page, you will create a product listing in the "Merchant Dashboard". A product list includes:

  • Product identifiers, SKUs, are product IDs you create to track your own inventory
  • Offer details, including price, product availability, availability, and shipping options
  • Detailed product information such as name, brand, category, description and image
  • Keywords and search terms to help buyers find your product

If another seller has offered the same product, you will match an existing listing (meaning some details will be available, such as product identifiers). If you are the first seller to offer a product, you will create a new listing.

The product detail page

Your offer details will be displayed on a “product detail page.” Product detail pages are where customers find all of the relevant information about a particular item.

When multiple sellers offer the same product, Pi81 combines data from those various offers on a single detail page. Sellers who offers the product can contribute detail page information—or request detail page reviews if the information displayed is incorrect.

After your first sale

The moment you’re selling on Pi81 is the moment you can start growing. We have tools in place to help you take things to the next level and then some.

Get customer reviews

Customer product reviews benefit customers and sellers. Make sure you’re familiar with the right and wrong ways to get more product reviews and avoid policy violations.

Grow your business

Selling in Pi81 stores enables you to build a worldwide company from your laptop. Advertising, promotions, and global selling are just a few ways to expand.

Stay successful

We set a high bar for Pi81 sellers because we want to provide a seamless, trustworthy, delightful shopping experience for customers.