About us - Pi81 Shopping Platform

Pi81 Shopping Mall is an online store where vendors can list their goods for sale in stores they have set up on the site. On the Pi81 Shopping Mall, every item is sold with Pi. The seller sets the price of a product, and Pi81 Shopping Mall has no influence over that price. transactions involving buyers and sellers using the peer-to-peer (p2p) method and the list price. Priority is given to the industry leaders in Vietnam by Pi81 Shopping Mall, who will then expand trade globally between the leaders who support and distribute goods to customers and charge commissions. A project for Pi Network that focuses on economic development is the Pi81 Shopping Mall. to persuade pioneers to make all of their product purchases using Pi. We believe in the Pi cryptocurrency's popularity and future growth, just as we do in the Pi Network ecosystem.

Pi81 Shopping Mall is currently in trial operation, with the support of pioneers in Vietnam and around the world. The system is stable, and we are constantly monitoring progress to handle errors for the Pi81 Mall project.

Pi81 Shopping Mall is currently in talks with suppliers and pioneers, to post products in order to promote commerce for the Pi economy. Encourage people to use the Pi coin in order to spread the Pi Network project throughout Vietnam and the world. Pi81 Shopping Mall is working on integrating API and connecting with the Pi wallet. Pi on our platform provides convenience during the checkout process.